Using Outcome Driven Innovation on a new product

For our new product Envato Elements, I convinced our boss to let us use Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) to guide our approach. This generated useful insights about how customers measure the success of our chosen job-to-be-done of “sourcing digital assets for a creative project”. But most importantly, the results from our ODI project gave us the focus & confidence to make bold, product-shaping decisions.

Based on this experience, I’ve written an article on Medium that explores the step-by-step process we took to successfully implement ODI research for a new product in a short space of time. It includes screenshots and examples of the surveys, collateral, and end output to help provide practical guidance for those considering using ODI for their own products. Plus you’ll also find a summary of the important lessons that we learned in the course of this work.

An example section of our ODI survey.


Read the full article A step-by-step guide to using Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) on Medium.