SoftwareShortlist goes live

I’m pleased to announce that my own startup, Software Shortlist, has just gone live at It is currently in a public beta mode.

SoftwareShortlist helps small businesses find the best software for their needs.

How does it work? Well, rather than you scouring the web for information and spending days or weeks assessing whether particular software solutions meet your needs … now you can quickly build your own customised shortlist of the most relevant software. Software Shortlist provides free and independent recommendations, side-by-side comparisons, software reviews, plus a wealth of information and articles.

We believe it is going to change the way small businesses find software.

Timesheet software (also known as time tracking software) is the initial niche we have focused on for the beta launch. After reviewing over 60 different solutions, we have hand-picked the very best ones across various price points and customer segments. A few more additions are in progress to round out the offering, but the core service is up and running.

Coming soon on Software Shortlist will be some of the big software categories such as Accounting and CRM software, as well as many industry-specific niches such as livestock recordkeeping software for farmers. We will be partnering with experts and industry associations to help review software in a broad range of areas.

I’d love to hear what you think – feel free to comment below (or contact me via email)