Vic Pitch 08

It’s always good to meet people with a passion for innovation and the guts to do something about it. Last night I attended an information session for Vic Pitch 08 finalists, and met a bunch of interesting folks who have taken the plunge with their own promising ventures.

Pitch 08 is a series of business pitching competitions in each state designed to connect innovative ventures with development capital. In their own words:

The philosophy behind Pitch ’08 is to support innovation and to educate the investment community and general public on the excellent project and business propositions available in Australia that often have difficulty raising capital because they are too early-stage or don’t fall into the usual funding criteria

The driving force behind Pitch 08 is ASSOB, the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board. Think of this like a mini-version of the ASX specifically for early-stage companies … although it is not actually a stock exchange and the companies participating are ‘unlisted public’ companies.

(Since my own startup venture, Trigora, is one of the finalists, I should get a lot more insight into ASSOB and its proposition for startup ventures as we go through the mentoring and judging process. Expect a post on this later on…)

For now, I thought I’d just call attention to the business ventures in the finals – they span a variety of industries and stages of development. I’m looking forward to getting to know these fellow entrepreneurs better in the coming weeks.

  • Artabase: Artabase is a Web 2.0 Social Networking website for Fine Artists.  Their exhibition calendar lets art lovers find out what’s on in galleries anywhere around the world.
  • Trigora: Trigora is an online platform designed to help small to medium businesses compare, select and buy the right specialist software for their needs.
  • Cinergix Cinergix is a software service company that provides a web-based intelligent diagramming and design  platform for various fields.
  • Lavender Hill Projects: Lavender Hill Projects researches, develops and commercialises unique, highly effective and natural herbal products with significant therapeutic, cosmetic and commercial potential. 
  • Carbon Reduction Industries: Carbon Reduction Industries Pty Ltd seeks skilled investment to help take its unique energy abatement devices on to global markets
  • Humanitee: Humanitee produce high quality clothing using organic fabrics and fair trade business principles. Their styles are modern classics, designed to be versatile and long lasting and the business model values social, environmental and fiscal profit equally.
  • ICT Distribution: ICT Distribution is now Telstra’s largest distributor of business products across their mobility, fixed and data suite. With a network of 500 IT skilled channel partners utilising ICT’s connection services, ICT has a competitive advantage and significant market potential for growth
  • Professional Linkage Services (CounselLink): Professional Linkage Services is an online counseling service that will match clients with psychologists, enabling them to meet online anonymously and effectively, regardless of location.
  • The Physio Co: The Physio Co provides solutions to mobility problems of Australia’s rapidly ageing population. Affordable products and specialist advice – The Physio Co makes it easy for the 100’s of 1000’s of baby boomer retirees and their parents
  • Travel Bubs:Travel Bubs is pioneering the family travel and baby equipment hire industries, offering a comprehensive “travel light” service directly to travelling families and corporate partners. Travel Bubs intends to have a presence at  major Australian airports by 2010
  • Turn me green / ecoincubator: A business incubator and resource centre aimed at developing and accelerating ecologically and sustainability-based enterprises